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December 29, 2022

Welcome! We are so excited to finally have a new website after having the old one for at least 10 years.  In fact, rather than simply updating the old website, we gave it a complete makeover, starting from scratch!  Having the new website allows us to update you on what kinds of cases we are currently accepting.  We will also be able to blog every couple of weeks with office updates and current news articles and information.

This law firm provides clients with help on personal injury cases, such as automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, and pedestrian knock downs.  We also accept some dog bite cases, as well as cases involving serious injuries caused in slip and fall incidents.  

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash, trucking collision, or you’ve been knocked off your motorcycle, or run over by a speeding vehicle while walking, we hope you call the Law Offices of Clinton O. Middleton. Likewise, if you or a loved one has been mauled by a vicious dog or suffered a serious injury in a slip and fall as a result of someone else’s negligence, give us a call at (703)777-9630.    

We also provide help for people trying to navigate through the world of specialty product liability cases, such as Hair Relaxer products, whose ingredients are believed to cause uterine cancer and other types of cancers among our nation’s black and brown women.  These hair relaxers, such as Dark& Lovely, Precise, Just For Me, Soft & Beautiful, African Pride and others have been used by primarily black and brown women for decades causing irreparable harm.  Please contact our office if you or a loved one has developed cancer and you have been exposed to these or other types of Hair Relaxer products for a free consultation at (703)777-9630.

A product now believed to cause prostate and other types of cancer and serious illnesses among firefighters is Firefighting Foam or AFFF. This firefighting foam has been used for years because of its effectiveness in extinguishing p fuel and oil fires.  However, it is believed to be highly instrumental in causing these dreadful types of cancer to our nation’s firefighters.

Please contact our office if you have developed cancer and you have been exposed to either Hair Relaxer products or the AFFF, known as Firefighting Foam.  

Please see our list of other products for which litigation is currently in progress.  We hope you will not hesitate to contact our office if you believe you or a loved one may qualify for monetary relief because of your type of cancer or serious illness.  

Please check back periodically for updates with information about some of the cases for which we provide services.

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