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Hair Relaxer

Black women have a high rate of Uterine Cancer and other types of cancer. These types of cancer may be caused by hair relaxer.
Hair Relaxer

Products designed for, and marketed to, black women contain the highest levels of toxic and harmful ingredients. These toxins are believed to be carcinogens. L'Oreal (Softsheen Carson) hair relaxer products, such as, Optimum Care, Dark & Lovely, Precise and Banty contain ingredients that are among the possible causes of uterine cancer and other types of cancer.

Likewise, Strength of Nature (Godrej Consumer) hair relaxer products, Just For Me, Motions, TCB, Soft & Beautiful and African Pride are also among the possible culprits.

According to a 2014 research review, more than 100,000 hysterectomies are performed each year for a primary diagnosis of endometriosis.

Black women lead the world in hysterectomies. More than 65% of the hysterectomies on black women are due to fibroids compared to 28.5% for white women and have an increased risk of one or more complications of surgical or medical care, a length of hospital stay of more than 10 days, and more a than 3 times higher rate of in-hospital mortality.

You or your loved ones may qualify for financial compensation following a diagnosis of uterine cancer or other types of cancer as a result of using one of the above mentioned hair relaxer products continuously for 5 years or more at anytime since year 2005.

Regardless of where you live in the United States, contact the Law Offices of Clinton O. Middleton at 703-777-9630 for a free consultation and case evaluation, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with any of the following types of cancer:

  • Uterine Cancer,
  • Uterine Tumors/Fibroids,
  • Endometriosis,

Ovarian Cancer, including:

  • Serous Ovarian Cancer,
  • Endometroid Ovarian Cancer,
  • Mucinous Ovarian,
  • Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer,
  • Undifferentiated Ovarian.

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